Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Furniture Making 101 (or Maybe 100.5)

There are a number of exceptionally good furniture makers in our local area, several who exhibit in art and craft galleries.  Every time I run upon their work my envy meter spikes.  I finally got up enough nerve to attempt a simple piece for our house.

The console table is constructed from a five foot piece of local 4/4 live edge walnut. The legs and stringer are made from red oak lumber from the local big box home center.  Fearing  more sophisticated construction methods, I used dowels on all of the joints.

The piece is finished with four hand-rubbed coats of tung oil  and a final coat of finish wax.

Patience is not one of my strong suits when it comes to construction projects.  I'm more rough framing carpenter than detailed furniture maker, but I have to admit I really enjoyed the process.

Once the yard work season ends this fall I think I'll start on another console table - this one with a little more flair and pizazz!  The plan is already in my head.

Maybe one day I can add "furniture maker" to my artist statement!

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