Monday, December 3, 2012

Working My Way Back Online. . .

Thanks for visiting!

I've been professionally practicing fine art photography for the past three or four years. In the early days I created two WordPress websites (LaneWatsonPhotography and TheBackroadsStudio), each with blog content.  The sites grew considerably - at least until recently.

Each has been destroyed multiple times by hackers. An international internet security group called to ask me to remove a phishing site hiding on mine. They were right - it emulated a commercial bank in Malaysia.  

I restored sites from my cloud backup on many occasions only to have them destroyed again within a few days.  Based upon the recommendations of WordPress, I strengthened both sites - including changing and strengthening log ins, database passwords, FTP password, and much much more.  

Finally I just got fed up and deleted the content of both sites! They still remain in that state.

My new game plan - create another Internet presence without the use of WP and my current hosting organization. Thus here I am on blogger. I'm currently evaluating photography sites and hope to have one up that encompasses both of my old sites.

Thanks again for visiting. Stay turned for more.